What's it like working at a Christian Retreat Center?

For the last 21 years I have served the church as a pastor and visited many Christian camps and retreat centers.  I often wondered, “What it would be like to work at one of these places?”.  Last June, God brought me to Cedar Springs as the new executive director.  After being here for nine months, I can say this; ‘Working at a Christian retreat center is better than I had even imagined.” 

First, I get to work with an incredible staff or 20 dedicated employees.  Whether they are cleaning toilets, picking weeds, cooking and serving food, or maintaining the property; they show a faithfulness to their job that is motivated by far more than a paycheck.  They care about what goes on here, and they love creating a beautiful space for people to meet with God. 

In addition to working with a great staff, I also get to interact with a wonderfully diverse group of Christians that choose to retreat at Cedar Springs.  Canadians, American, Chinese, Slavics, Filipinos, Kenyans, and Koreans have all been on the grounds.  Educators, Pastors, Non-profit directors, and of course lots of church people.  On one recent weekend we had in our dining rooms a group speaking Mandarin, another speaking Russian, as well as, one speaking English.  That’s pretty cool!  The diversity of Christian traditions has given me broader view of God and a better understanding about what heaven will be like.

And last, I am blessed to see how God meets with people all of the time in this place.  As a pastor, I hoped to create an environment once a week where my people could experience God.  At Cedar Springs I get to see God meet with people daily.  As one of our guests shared with me; “The veil between heaven and earth is very thin at Cedar Springs.”  The many comment cards that are turned in testify to God’s transformative power being released in this place.  And serving here, I get a front row seat to God’s transforming presence at work in the lives of His’ people.

What is it like working at a Christian Retreat Center?  Better than I ever imagined!