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If you would like to check cost and availability for your group retreat, please fill out the form below and our guest services manager will contact you.  Or, you can call us direct at (360) 988-6674.


Important Booking Policy

Cedar Springs is a religious non-profit that exists to serve the Church and Christian organizations.  As a religious non-profit, we are only able to accommodate groups with a Christian purpose.  Cedar Springs has a statement of faith that defines our religious organization.  All groups booking retreats at Cedar Springs must indicate agreement with our statement of faith and supply information on their Christian purpose.  Questions and conversations about our statement of faith are always welcome. 

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booking Process

  1. Upon receiving this form, you will be contacted by Cedar Springs' guest services manager to determine your needs, space availability, and costs.

  2. A contract will then be produced by Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center and sent to you.

  3. Once you receive your packet, review your contract for accuracy, then sign and return the copy of your contract, along with your deposit, to the Guest Services Coordinator. Please contact the Guest Services Coordinator immediately if there are any inaccuracies.

  4. Next you will need to contact your organization’s insurance carrier and request a Certificate of Liability Insurance to be sent to Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center.

  5. Your contract specifies a tentative and final count date by which you will contact our Guest Services Coordinator with attendance (part time and full time), meeting room set-up requirements, and a schedule of events.

  6. Room assignment sheets will be emailed to you to help in assigning individual rooms to your group.